"Service is Our Most Powerful Tool"

Parts and Repairs in the Evansville Metro Area


Support of the equipment we sell is of the utmost importance to us. To accomplish this we keep a large number of parts in stock at all times. Call for pricing on parts for any of the following vendors: MultiQuip/Whiteman, Wacker, Honda, Husqvarna/Partner/Target/Soffcut, Edco, Bosch, and Stihl.

Parts and equipment service and repair at Hamlin Equipment Rental serving the Evansville Metro Area


At Hamlin Equipment Rental we realize that lost time equals lost money. That is why service is such an important part of what we do. Our experienced staff of trained mechanics provides reliable and affordable repairs to a wide range of equipment including: Cutoff Saws, Generators, Trowels, Light Plants, Plate Compactors, Concrete Saws, Concrete Finishing-Demolition, Small Loaders, Water Pumps, Medium-Light Excavators, and Air Compressors.

Labor Rate: Shop $70/hour | Field $80/hour